Our Special Situations programs address the needs of students who face challenges that differ from those typically encountered by first-year applicants. Our offerings include but are not limited to:

1) Wait-list Strategies:

Students receive detailed feedback on a previous application that resulted in deferral. In addition, our executives formulate a customized action plan that will allow the student to effectively address potential gaps or red flags and reiterate their interest in one particular institution.

2) Last-Resort Strategies:

This option allows students to receive guidance and feedback on their applications, under tight deadlines (available after December 1 for Regular Decision Candidates only)

3) Gap-year Strategies:

This program allows students who have taken a post-graduate year after completing their high school education to explore different interests and apply to universities in the U.S.

4) Transfer Strategies:

Our executives work with students who are interested in completing their four-year bachelor’s degree at a university different from the one that they currently attend.

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