i-IVY is an exclusive university admissions strategy firm, led by executives who possess Ivy League admissions and blue-chip corporate experience.

We work one-on-one with our clients to help them gain acceptance to the university that represents the best academic and personal fit.

Our former mentees have been admitted to all 8 Ivy League schools and other highly selective institutions. To see our detailed placement list, click here.

(*)Does not cover education or training services as defined by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training

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Our personal attention and tailored services empower our clients with a distinct competitive edge that allows them to differentiate themselves from other equally qualified applicants.
We compel our students to represent and portray themselves in an honest and accurate manner as they embark on their journey to college.
We motivate our students by setting them on a path of inquiry and self-discovery that will allow them to make a difference in their community.
We encourage our students to think creatively and evaluate every challenge and situation from multiple perspectives.
The “ i “ in “intellect” is nurtured, cultivated, and uplifted. Through hard work, dedication, diligence, inquiry, and originality, i-IVY unleashes each client’s true intellectual potential.